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LinPoly™ Technology

LinPoly™ is our patented unique technology that allows building "dry" high performance batteries of unprecedented safety and free of the thermal management issues associated with all other Lithium Ion technologies. read more...

NANOFaB™ Battery

NANOFaB™ is our Fabric Battery built with LinPoly™ technology and designed for commercial and military wearable electronics, electric and hybrid vehicles, read more...


Safe, Reliable, Cost-effective, Superior Energy Storage, High Temeperature Operation, Nanotechnology Integration. Caleb's batteries do not require a metal casing to squeeze the electrodes together, so they can be up to 20% lighter than Li-ion batteries, much more flexible, and they can be as thin as a credit card. read more...


Transportation, Communications, Defense, Consumer Electronics, Emergency Care, Space






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Positioned to be a lead innovator in battery design and production, Caleb plans to serve both new product developers and high volume battery manufacturers by providing key technology to produce safe and adaptable high-performance batteries.





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